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After the Fact

After the Fact (AtF) is a comprehensive competency assessment and proficiency testing tool for law enforcement. Each assessment covers seven criteria critical to successful crime scene investigation:

AtF allows you, the investigator, to “walk through” a virtual crime scene and complete scene processing tasks including photography, note taking and evidence collection. When the investigation is complete, you are directed to take an assessment on the scenario and evidence you gathered.

A range of scenes are available to test your approach and capabilities for both major and volume (property) crimes. New scenes will be added annually, allowing you and your team to test skills regularly.

Proficiency Test Cases

NOTE: Dates indicate the year a particular assessment was made available.
Challenges vary from scene to scene.

Efficient Competency Assessment and Proficiency Testing

Competency assessment is vital to ensure that a crime scene investigator has successfully completed their training. Proficiency testing is critical in forensic science to ensure protocols and procedures are performed correctly and consistently and skills are maintained. Laboratories and agencies seeking to achieve or maintain ISO certifications are required to build and maintain a regular assessment schedule to keep a high standard of performance and quality.

Why use online testing?

It’s simple! No scenes to recreate, no need to take supervisors out of the field to perform assessments and no schedules to juggle. Every crime scene is different, but protocol, procedures and approaches to the scene need to be consistent across all teams. Online competency assessment and proficiency testing saves time and money, and allows all team members to demonstrate their crime scene knowledge and skills at any time.

AtF has long been the assessment and testing method of choice in Australia, and is now available for law enforcement agencies, universities and other practitioners world-wide.