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Using the Virtual Crime Scene

Each testing scenario is a virtual crime scene which you investigate using the same actions you would take at a real crime scene. As you navigate each scene, tools are available to help you examine details, take notes and gather evidence. Click through the navigation icons below to view the interface.

  • General Notes Use the pencil to take notes and mark your general observations regarding the scene. Be detailed as you will need these for your assessment, just as you would for report writing when the investigation is complete.
  • Photographs The camera allows you to photograph anything that you can see in the scene. To photograph a view or an item of interest, frame the photograph in the VR screen window and click on the camera icon. Note: In the assessment, you will not be able to change or zoom in on the photos. Consider taking multiple shots of items you deem important in wide, medium and close up formats. You can scroll backwards and forwards through the photographs using the arrow bar. You can even make notes in the window regarding the photographs you have taken. Click the thumbnail to select an image, and type your notes in the section provided.
  • Evidence When you see an item of interest, collect it by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. The piece of evidence will be saved into your evidence locker. As with photographs, you can use the arrows to scroll through your items. Click the thumbnail to select an item, and type your notes in the section provided. Note: You cannot photograph or collect more than 50 items of interest.
  • Recordings Using the microphone icon, listen to recordings of witness or officer statements and make investigation notes in the area provided.
  • Plan Use the crime scene plan to navigate between different areas of each scene.
  • Test When you have completed your investigation of the scene, it will be time to take a written test. Your notes, photographs and evidence collected at the scene will be critical for the test as you will no longer have access to the scene—just like a real-life investigation. The first run through is the only chance you have to get it right! Take the test and see how you well you did.

Scene Navigation

To use the Crime Scene VR, move the mouse cursor into the image area. Left click and hold to move around the scene . A small black arrow indicates the direction of movement. When the cursor is a round circle it indicates that you are not moving.

You may use the Shift key to zoom in on any part of the scene and the Control key to zoom out.

As you move around within the scene you will notice that at times, the cursor becomes a white arrow pointing up with a location label below it. If you release, and then click the left mouse button when this arrow appears, you will move in that direction to another point within the scene or a close-up image.

To return to a previous area, click the red circle where available.